Network Marketing Your Way to the Top

Learn how to use social networking websites to establish yourself as a professional in your market place.

This tutorial will teach you: How to create real personal relationships and be in direct contact with other professionals in your marketplace.

Using Social Networking to Establish Yourself Professionally

Facebook Networking Tips:

  • Join and create groups related to your market, comment on ongoing discussions and chats. Let others see who you are and invite you to become friends.
  • Befriend those in the industry whom are active in the groups and pages you have joined. Especially, invite new friends with those whom you already have multiple friends in common with. This is a progressive marketing technique, at first it will be slow in driving new friends , but after a while it will be referring many new friend requests, to established professionals in the market.

Network Marketing Your Way to the Top!

General Networking Tips:

  • Make certain to sync e-mail contact lists on various social networking and media platforms, to be sure that you are connected with everyone. Occasionally, you will need to go back to each platform and re-upload all of the new contacts you have added to your address book.
  • Create accessible links and buttons to various social media profiles and networking pages, as well links to your homepage, and I am really hoping that you do have a homepage.
  • Make it clear in your bio and profile that you are looking to connect with others, especially people working in your industry.

Use Social Media Platforms to Find Contact Information:

I am a busy guy and no longer have the time to do this myself, but I outsource it to my employee’s overseas at a much cheaper rate.

Example: If you were an internet marketer looking to meet other marketers, then would be a perfect place to go to find them.

What to do next:

  • Navigate through online profiles searching for publicly displayed contact information, such as Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and E-mail Addresses.
  • Then, save the contact info to your master e-mail list and invite the person into a direct chat with you.
  • It’s vital that you introduce yourself and establish your intentions of the new relationship, with that person.Ask if they would help you promote content from time to time, in exchange for promoting their content.

The majority of the time, they will agree and be okay with the arrangement, but occasionally you find someone who is not okay with it and is very offended that you would even ask.

  • In this case, you will want to thank them and let them know you are removing their contact information from your lists, and they will not be contacted again. Then, you must actually remove them manually.

Misusing social media sites can be easy, but as long as you follow these guidelines you will be okay and see great things.

  • Do not send these people 30 different things to vote each day, unless they are sending you that many and are okay with bulk voting.
  • Always be mature, professional, and respectful of others.
  • Do not curse or promote offensive content.
  • Never promote illegal/illicit materials, spammy websites, scrapper sites, or any other useless materials.

Why does this work?

Scratching the backs of others is a powerful marketing technique and generally a good rule of life. I personally love and am known for implementing this strategy into my own businesses and networking campaigns, and I must tell you that it has gotten my career very far in a short period of time. The thing I love most of all, is that I have a real relationship with many big name internet marketers and entrepreneurs, which is also very special to be able to share my career and life with. Becoming known and established is only as important as the relationships that have been made along the way, this is where you will find real value that is immeasurable and priceless, not even money can buy these types of friends.

Connect with Whitney:

If you want to connect with me, add my contact info and invite me to chat, I am looking forward to connecting with you!

Skype: WhitneySegura

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  • Dan Anderson

    Really a perfectly displayed example of what network marketing should be like for those looking to really study and learn a new game, let's face it this game is all about who you know, don't even kid yourself for one moment if you think it's not.

    Whitney, you are kicking ass, keep it up.

  • sallyneill

    Hey Whitney, this is a fabulous post thanks so much for sharing it.

    Found your blog via a post you left on the warrior forum.

    Really glad I did now, I am concentrating on building relationships with other marketers and found this extremely useful.

    Sally :)

  • Taylor @ Search Engine People

    Great step-by-step post on how to navigate social networks and make them work for you! Social networking sites have opened up so many new doors for businesses. It is a great way to make connections and get free marketing.

  • Cole Stan

    Building a good relationship with other successful people in your field is something that can really make you feel satisfied as an internet marketer. Also, the way each one of you shares your thoughts with each other make the connection more meaningful.

  • Eugene

    Great post. Building relationships with other people in the field is not only good for traffic but also good for you because it can be a learning experience. Plus collaborations can lead to a lot of new material to update your blogs with.

  • Huggard

    Terrific look over, I just just simply passed this valuable on top of a very associate who actually was indeed accomplishing a suitable small research for who.

  • MicroSourcing

    It takes time and effort, but befriending other in the industry pays off. It all begins with showing a genuine interest in what they do, and giving them compliments when they’re due.

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  • Leonard

    Before I installed a software to monitor employee activity instead of me, since my workers work from their homes, I didn’t have time to engage in social media marketing. Now I can focus on personal relationship building with potential customers and affiliates. Your tips are very intelligent and useful, I will surely make a mental note of them and implement them when building friend-list and doing promotion on social media sites.

  • Frass267

    Great information, thanks for sharing!

  • Jack Coxill

    Hi Whitney,u00a0nnI have been thinking about adding professional social networking to my blog, I think it will allow me to communicate on a better level with my followers.u00a0nnThanks for the info in this post, it has helped a lot. :)u00a0nnJack Coxill

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