Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Search Engine Optimization

Here is a list of my personal favorite top ten WP SEO plug-ins, to promote content, build link bait, get re-tweets, and other extremely useful things.

  • I hope you enjoy this and get some good use out of these awesome plugins, each one of them is extremely useful and necessary.
Extraordinary Rendering of the WordPress Logo
Extraordinary Rendering of the WordPress Logo

The Top Best Free SEO WP Plugins:

1. All In One SEO Pack – – Overall this plugin is excellent for SEO campaigns, with options to noindex tag and other archives. As well, you can easily create the desired META keywords for the homepage and all others.

2. Link to this page – – This plugin automatically creates a widget displayed below each post, that allows users to copy the static .html code for each post, allowing for maximum link bait and accessibility.

3. Comment Luv – – Great plug in for blog commenting, it will display a static .html link to the commentators homepage and their latest blog post, as it pulls from their feed.

4. Article Directory – – With this plug-in you can allow users to sign up and submit their own unique content, as well it allows visitors to effortlessly grab the article source code and re-publish articles onto their own website(s), which also allows for maximum link bait and accessibility issues.

5. Topsy Re-Tweet Button – – Displays a button that shows how many tweets a single post or page has, it also will allow users who click it, to effortlessly re-tweet the page.

6. WP Super Cache – – Essentially a very necisary plugin for blog safety from hackers, and as well for maximum website speed.

7. WP Firewall – – A powerful plug-in that will help keep hackers out and your blog completely safe!

8. NoFollow Free – – This plug-in will remove the default rel=”nofollow” attributes from the links of commentators and replace it with the rel=”dofollow” attribute.

9. PDF24 Article to .pdf – – This plug-in automatically creates a widget that allows users to type in their e-mail and then it will send them a .pdf file of the post or page.

10. Sociable – – This plug-in allows your visitors to simply and easily share your posts and pages with the world.

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