Go Green and Increase Your Businesses Reputation: It’s the right thing to do, period.

That’s right, going green is the latest shift in the way manufacturer’s make products, consumers creating waste, starving children and families across the world, these are just a few of the reasons it’s not an option to go green, it’s a must.

It’s easy to do you’re part, because everyone has special skills, connections, brilliant ideas, and there’s a way that every single person on the planet, could get involved and day by day, the Earth will be restored.

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Green / Eco Friendly Business Benefits:

Statistics show that there has been a significant increase and is exponentially growing, and slowly taking the planet to where it should have been all along.

  • If we cannot accomplish this goal, then we’re doomed as a society and Earth will cease to exist.
  • We cannot let that happen, that’s why I am here, urging you to do you’re part in creating a better ecosystem.


Green Living Tips to Reduce Waste Emissions

    Here are the most common ways to help;
  • Donate Time: Even if it’s only for 1 hour each month picking up trash, it’s a start and where others see you accomplishing things, they will hop on board. Leading by example is the most effective method of completing you’re goals.
  • Donate Money: Make certain it’s going to be put to proper use. I fear that, many green enthusiasts overlook the bigger picture and spend time & money in wasted p;aces. Secondly, I believe large corporations, billionaires, millionaire’s, and even the middle class, should share they’re wealth with those suffering, at this very moment.
  • Donate Physical Goods: (Clothes, Recyclable materials, etc.)
  • Separate Garbage Cans: Plastics, Aluminum, Steel, Wood, Glass, etc.).
  • Tell Others: How Easy and Important Sustainability & Green Living Is!

Donate to Green America

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If your open to learning more about going green, the green movement, or other ways you can help green lifestyles, visit any of the following website’s.

Green Living Tips: http://www.greenlivingtips.com – (@Twitter)
EPA Seal: Environmental Protection Agency Logo

Green Business Network by Green America Logo

VGBW Vegetable Gardener Blog

One of the most effective tools of all, is paying it forward.

In a sense, whenever one vows to help at least 1 person become greener, reduce their carbon footprint, and then get them to promise, to pay it forward again and hopefully, it continues until the universe has heard and applied the message.

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Recommended Resources:

Home and Garden TV Television Show Logo

Article Title: 10 Tips for Green Living by Jason Pelletier via HGTV

Original Publication URL: http://www.hgtv.com/homekeeping/10-tips-for-green-living/index.html

Quick Recap:

  1. Recycle Water in All Bathrooms
  2. Compost, It’s Super Easy and Makes the Best Soil
  3. Buy Green Power From Your Utility
  4. Improve the Efficiency of Your Existing Water Heater
  5. Purchase a Top Efficiency Shower Head.
  6. Start Using Highly Effective  Outside Lights.
  7. Replace High Use Inside Lighting with Compact Fluorescence’s or LED’s bulbs.
  8. Load Up the Washing Machine.
  9. Drive Your Car Smarter.
  10. Actively Reduce Daily Waste of Fast Food and Shopping.

Green Businesses Partnering for Greater Good

Eco House Building Tips to Save Power and Energy

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