Go Green and Increase Your Businesses Reputation: It’s the right thing to do, period.

That’s right, going green is the latest shift in the way manufacturer’s make products, consumers creating waste, starving children and families across the world, these are just a few of the reasons it’s not an option to go green, it’s a must.

It’s easy to do you’re part, because everyone has special skills, connections, brilliant ideas, and there’s a way that every single person on the planet, could get involved and day by day, the Earth will be restored.

Tractors in the Field Harvesting Crop Picture

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Green / Eco Friendly Business Benefits:

Statistics show that there has been a significant increase and is exponentially growing, and slowly taking the planet to where it should have been all along.

  • If we cannot accomplish this goal, then we’re doomed as a society and Earth will cease to exist.
  • We cannot let that happen, that’s why I am here, urging you to do you’re part in creating a better ecosystem.


Green Living Tips to Reduce Waste Emissions

    Here are the most common ways to help;
  • Donate Time: Even if it’s only for 1 hour each month picking up trash, it’s a start and where others see you accomplishing things, they will hop on board. Leading by example is the most effective method of completing you’re goals.
  • Donate Money: Make certain it’s going to be put to proper use. I fear that, many green enthusiasts overlook the bigger picture and spend time & money in wasted p;aces. Secondly, I believe large corporations, billionaires, millionaire’s, and even the middle class, should share they’re wealth with those suffering, at this very moment.
  • Donate Physical Goods: (Clothes, Recyclable materials, etc.)
  • Separate Garbage Cans: Plastics, Aluminum, Steel, Wood, Glass, etc.).
  • Tell Others: How Easy and Important Sustainability & Green Living Is!

Donate to Green America

Ag Web Crop Comments Maps By Farm Journal Pictures

If your open to learning more about going green, the green movement, or other ways you can help green lifestyles, visit any of the following website’s.

Green Living Tips: http://www.greenlivingtips.com – (@Twitter)
EPA Seal: Environmental Protection Agency Logo

Green Business Network by Green America Logo

VGBW Vegetable Gardener Blog

One of the most effective tools of all, is paying it forward.

In a sense, whenever one vows to help at least 1 person become greener, reduce their carbon footprint, and then get them to promise, to pay it forward again and hopefully, it continues until the universe has heard and applied the message.

Bio Eco Friendly Green Houses Photo Illustrations Icons

Recommended Resources:

Home and Garden TV Television Show Logo

Article Title: 10 Tips for Green Living by Jason Pelletier via HGTV

Original Publication URL: http://www.hgtv.com/homekeeping/10-tips-for-green-living/index.html

Quick Recap:

  1. Recycle Water in All Bathrooms
  2. Compost, It’s Super Easy and Makes the Best Soil
  3. Buy Green Power From Your Utility
  4. Improve the Efficiency of Your Existing Water Heater
  5. Purchase a Top Efficiency Shower Head.
  6. Start Using Highly Effective  Outside Lights.
  7. Replace High Use Inside Lighting with Compact Fluorescence’s or LED’s bulbs.
  8. Load Up the Washing Machine.
  9. Drive Your Car Smarter.
  10. Actively Reduce Daily Waste of Fast Food and Shopping.

Green Businesses Partnering for Greater Good

Eco House Building Tips to Save Power and Energy

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Optimizing your Business with WordPress

WordPress is certainly one of the most popular personal and business blogging platforms across the entire world!

Even more than that, WordPress is one of the single most popular website platforms, and CMS platforms, otherwise known as content management systems. This free tool can be tailored to your own needs, and can help you get things done quickly, easily and effectively. Check out a few of the great ways that you can help to optimize your business with WordPress.

Optimizing Your Business with WordPress

Why WordPress?

Trust me, I have built many different websites, through manual hand coding, through paid content management systems, and through many free open source platforms like WordPress, but nothing out there compares to the possibilities WordPress offers at no cost. You are dumb not to be using it. The best part is that once you have a little experience under your belt, you will be able to churn out ultimate websites with tons of features not possible before.

One of the foremost benefits with the WordPress platform is that it’s perfectly suited for the individual with little to no web experience.

  • You don’t need to know any special programming or coding languages, and you don’t need to edit anything behind the scenes.
  • You use a simple, Microsoft Word style text and media input area, with other easy to work with buttons and tools.
  • Then, if you have a bit of experience, you can still tweak the code to your exact specifications.
  • But if you don’t want to, you won’t have to, and you can get amazing results as is.

Optimizing Your Business with WordPress

Another huge benefit with WordPress is that it’s very SEO friendly, which means that it will be easy to get ranked in the search engines.

  • Every time you publish a new post or page, the search engines will be pinged about it, alerting them to crawl your site.
  • You can also easily dictate your page names, including the keywords of your choice, page descriptions and more.
  • You will also be able to instantly hook up with an RSS feed, to help get more distribution of your material and reach out to the individuals who prefer that medium.

What many people love about WordPress is how versatile and capable it truly is.

  • You can integrate all kinds of media into your website, or you can just run a basic, classic blog.
  • You can create effective e-commerce stores, magazine style websites or anything else.
  • With a few clicks of a button, you’ll be able to change your site and customize it to suit your own needs perfectly.
  • No more hassle and no more restrictions, it’s all just ample opportunity for you to do whatever you’d like.


Last but certainly not least is the fact that WordPress is entirely free.

  • The system itself is free, and you can find a huge range of free themes, looks, add-on plugins and code snippets and more.
  • This can save you potentially thousands of dollars from web designers.
  • Plus, since you can manage it yourself quickly and efficiently, you won’t have to hire that out either, saving yourself even more money both immediately and in the long run.

So as you can see, WordPress can be an incredibly valuable tool for your business!

Whether you want to start a website from scratch or you want to improve the one you’re currently working with, you can use WordPress to get the job done. It’s free, it helps you in the search engines, it doesn’t require you to know any coding and much more, making it one of the single best tools you can add into your arsenal for online success.

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Network Marketing Your Way to the Top

Learn how to use social networking websites to establish yourself as a professional in your market place.

This tutorial will teach you: How to create real personal relationships and be in direct contact with other professionals in your marketplace.

Using Social Networking to Establish Yourself Professionally

Facebook Networking Tips:

  • Join and create groups related to your market, comment on ongoing discussions and chats. Let others see who you are and invite you to become friends.
  • Befriend those in the industry whom are active in the groups and pages you have joined. Especially, invite new friends with those whom you already have multiple friends in common with. This is a progressive marketing technique, at first it will be slow in driving new friends , but after a while it will be referring many new friend requests, to established professionals in the market.

Network Marketing Your Way to the Top!

General Networking Tips:

  • Make certain to sync e-mail contact lists on various social networking and media platforms, to be sure that you are connected with everyone. Occasionally, you will need to go back to each platform and re-upload all of the new contacts you have added to your address book.
  • Create accessible links and buttons to various social media profiles and networking pages, as well links to your homepage, and I am really hoping that you do have a homepage.
  • Make it clear in your bio and profile that you are looking to connect with others, especially people working in your industry.

Use Social Media Platforms to Find Contact Information:

I am a busy guy and no longer have the time to do this myself, but I outsource it to my employee’s overseas at a much cheaper rate.

Example: If you were an internet marketer looking to meet other marketers, then Sphinn.com would be a perfect place to go to find them.

What to do next:

  • Navigate through online profiles searching for publicly displayed contact information, such as Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and E-mail Addresses.
  • Then, save the contact info to your master e-mail list and invite the person into a direct chat with you.
  • It’s vital that you introduce yourself and establish your intentions of the new relationship, with that person.Ask if they would help you promote content from time to time, in exchange for promoting their content.

The majority of the time, they will agree and be okay with the arrangement, but occasionally you find someone who is not okay with it and is very offended that you would even ask.

  • In this case, you will want to thank them and let them know you are removing their contact information from your lists, and they will not be contacted again. Then, you must actually remove them manually.

Misusing social media sites can be easy, but as long as you follow these guidelines you will be okay and see great things.

  • Do not send these people 30 different things to vote each day, unless they are sending you that many and are okay with bulk voting.
  • Always be mature, professional, and respectful of others.
  • Do not curse or promote offensive content.
  • Never promote illegal/illicit materials, spammy websites, scrapper sites, or any other useless materials.

Why does this work?

Scratching the backs of others is a powerful marketing technique and generally a good rule of life. I personally love and am known for implementing this strategy into my own businesses and networking campaigns, and I must tell you that it has gotten my career very far in a short period of time. The thing I love most of all, is that I have a real relationship with many big name internet marketers and entrepreneurs, which is also very special to be able to share my career and life with. Becoming known and established is only as important as the relationships that have been made along the way, this is where you will find real value that is immeasurable and priceless, not even money can buy these types of friends.

Connect with Whitney:

If you want to connect with me, add my contact info and invite me to chat, I am looking forward to connecting with you!

Skype: WhitneySegura

Google Talk: WhitneySegura@gmail.com

MSN Messenger: WhitneySegura@gmail.com

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Tips for Building Back Links to Blogs with Comment Kahuna

You are about to learn one of my favorite link building tips for blogs, it drives relevant traffic and builds links from topic authority places, you can’t beat it!

If you are not using Comment Kahuna or do not know what it even is, and you have a blog in which you have been building back links for, then this post is perfect for you.

  • Get ready, this strategy is straight out of my personal playbook!

Comment Kahuna Screen Shot

What is Comment Kahuna?

Comment Kahuna is a program that one can create profiles that contain information related to commenting, such as commenter name, commenter e-mail, commenter website, and there is a slot where you can write a sample comment.

  1. After, you have created a profile, you can select it and search for blogs by keywords.
  2. The program will return a list of blogs and blog posts related to the query keyword, assorted from highest PageRank pages to lowest PageRank pages.
  3. It will do it’s best to return only DoFollow blogs, if you select the option.
  4. There is also another option, when you first search for a keyword, where you can select the type of blog site it is. Blog types include; Typepad, WordPress, Drupal, Comment Luv, and more.

    What does it cost?

  • Nothing, 100% free! Well, except for your e-mail address, which must be activated before use.

Comment Kahuna

Okay, that ends the introduction and basic information related to Comment Kahuna, now let’s discuss how one can use it to generate highly relevant anchor text rich back links to internal pages, as well as the homepage.

Let’s face it, most likely your website has been building enough links to the homepage.

  • Most webmasters do not build enough deep links; To pages, posts, products, etc. that are typically not linked to in the website navigation.

Control Shift SEO

The Link Building Strategy:

Now, I will show you my one of my favorite link building strategies for blogs.

  1. Okay, so what you do first is to create a blog post worth linking to, do not throw up a bunch of crap, because the page will be visited by the webmaster of the site you are commenting on and he will do a quality and spam check.
  2. Then, open Comment Kahuna, select profile, search for blogs using the Comment Luv plugin, and then navigate to the first site on the list, by pushing post comments now.

Notes About the Program:

  • The Comment Luv plugin will display the homepage of the commenter and the last blog post, if there is a findable blog feed at the site entered as homepage.
  • Also, occasionally when you post comment the plugin will not display the latest blog post, that is simply a technical malfunction, which could be many things causing it.


  • The worst thing one can do is to use this program in a spam manner, do not abuse the program and the website’s being used.
  • If you do spam people, they will report your website and the spam filters accross the web, will stop allowing comments from your website.
  • It will be completely black listed and the only websites you will be able to comment on will be sites that are not using a spam filter, just about every WordPress blog uses them so be careful.
Build Comments for People and Not Search Engines!

Build Comments for People and Not Search Engines!

    How to Write Acceptable Comments:

  • When writing a comment, first read the post and think of a few things that might contribute to the topic or discussion going on from other comments.
  • Look at some of the other comments and try to notice the webmaster’s standard, for accepting comments.

Blog Link Building Tips

    Here is a good measurement system for getting comments accepted;

  • The webmaster comment standards are most likely low and easy to get accepted, if the other comments are short, useless, and things like; Great post, thanks.
  • Typically, if you see that all of the comments are really long and technical, then the webmaster is most likely only going to accept really good comments that provide true value.

Final Overview:

Typically, I like to publish a post and use Comment Kahuna to build 5-10 back links, with at least 3 of them being rel=dofollow. Then, I will move onto the next post and repeat the process.

Do not go overboard doing this, it could hurt more than it helps, but executing the strategy in the manner described above can be extremely effective.

  • In the end, you will have a blog full of authoritative content, increase in PR throughout the entire website, extra click through traffic, higher rankings for all posts, and the experience to repeat, which can be sold as marketing services to companies and individuals.
  • This type of thing is perfect for people who have employee’s in foreign countries, working for low wages. Then, one could really make some money.

Make Money Building Blog Comment Back Links

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!Thinking about trying Comment Kahuna?

  • If you have not used this program and are link building currently, I highly recommend that you try the program now and refer to this guide.
  • After you have used this strategy, I know you will use it over and over again.

Did you learn anything?

    Feedback Is Appreciated and Highly Recommended:
  • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this, post your question below and I will help you out. Anyways, I hope that I taught you something.
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File Sharing and Distribution Tutorial

You are in for a real treat!

Online File Sharing and Distribution Marketing Tutorial

Share Your File

The tutorial is just 10 pages long and covers the main points, important benefits, and overall concepts to file sharing;

    Topics Covered:

  • How to create a file.
  • Common file extensions.
  • How to modify and convert file types.
  • How to distribute files.
  • Where to distribute the files, and a list the best free major file distribution platforms.
  • Find and view examples of live files on multiple platforms.
  • Information about outsourcing file distribution with Beast Marketing’s recognized outstanding File Share Team!

File Sharing is Caring

Find and read online marketing tutorials about file sharing and distribution tutorial topics, distributing files has never been SO easy and rewarding!

File Name: File Distribution Introduction Tutorial for Beginners and Advanced Marketers

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SEO Guest Blogger Contest @ SEM Group

The 2nd Annual Bad Ass SEO Guest Blogger Contest

    On Monday August 2nd, 2010 there will be the 2nd edition of the Bad Ass SEO guest blogger Contest at the Houston Search Engine Marketing Group website.

  • We are gearing up for one of the best internet marketing contests of the year, without a doubt.

Bas Ass SEO Guest Blogging Contest @ SEM Group

What is the Bad Ass SEO Guest Blogging Contest?

  • Blogging is always fun, but it’s even more fun when there is cold hard cash involved.
  • Starting today (August 2nd) until September 2nd, you can submit guest posts to my blog.
  • They are flexible when admitting post topics, so long as they fit within the general posts. So, anything from SEO, blogging, social media, eCommerce, PPC, affiliate marketing, article marketing, or other related topics will be allowed.

Sponsoring Opportunities:

Sponsorship is available to online media companies and individuals, sponsor slots will cost $50, $100, and $150. Sponsors receive acknowledgment throughout the website, permanent back links, and excellent exposure to the top internet marketers and wanna be marketing newbies.

  • WhitneySegura.com will be sponsoring the event, show your support by checking it out!



  • Start: August 02, 2010
  • End: September 02, 2010

Prize Money:

  • $850 and growing in cash prizes, since sponsorship registration is not closed, the prize total will continue to rise.
  • Also, there are many of other non-cash prizes.


  • If you think you have what it takes to be the Bad Ass SEO Blog Winner, then you must follow the rules, because there are some, not too many though.
  • For a complete list of rules, visit the user registration and contest details page.

Read more:


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Find and submit unique internet marketing articles and tutorials.